I came across this 2018 video of a Dodge Durango SRT competing against a Dodge Challenger R/T.

While none of these cars is at the top of their respective model range, they are nevertheless rather quick. How soon?

You're going to see it in this Dodge against Dodge battle.

Well, I can't really check whether they are stock, but I think it's a fantastic place to start.

Well, how about we take a look at some numbers? This conflict pits one Mopar against another.

Dodge Durango SRT is on the white corner.

 There isn't much on the sheet metal to indicate that this family transporter is really a performance car, save from a few discrete insignia and those large wheels.

An eight-speed Torqueflite gearbox provides AWD traction. The Durango weighs 5,378 pounds at the curb.