The first two rows of the Ford Explorer have plenty of capacity, while the third row has limited legroom.

A second-row bench can accommodate seven passengers, however all save the basic 

Explorer sub can sit in captain's seats, earning the bench one point on our scale. 

The large second row, standard motorized driver seat, and adaptable cargo area all get further points. It’s a 9.

In comparison to other SUVs, the Explorer's front seats and dash are rather low

but the outside view is still decent. Heated power front seats are a standard feature on models starting with the XLT. 

Captain's chairs are the best option since the second-row bench divides into 35/30/35 proportions, but it is difficult to move and maneuver about.

 Slide the seat forward and release the straps on the bottom outboard edges to create a wide opening in the back.